Phantom Reckless is a bay area native currently living in Portland, Oregon. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in music industry from California State University Chico. Additionally, Phantom Reckless has a Bachelor of Arts in General Fine Arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art.


With interests in various musical genres, he is always seeking out new artists and sounds. Phantom Reckless is constantly expanding his mental musical library of near encyclopedic levels, which he brings to his own work. He is known for his love of juxtaposition, and blending seemingly incompatible source material into innovative combinations.


It was this talent for such strange blends that led him to combine the verses of The Notorious B.I.G. with the music of David Bowie. Unlike more superficial mashups he encountered, Phantom Reckless worked for three years to create each instrumental solely from pieces of Bowie songs. He deconstructed and broke down the tiniest elements, to create something new and wholly unique. Thus was born The Notorious Rise and Fall of Biggie Stardust and the Samples from Mars.


While still continuing to grow and evolve as a producer, Phantom Reckless often finds his sweet spot channeling the G Funk vibes of the west coast, adding interesting new textures atop grooves with an old school flare.

Phantom Reckless is in the middle of numerous other projects. Be sure to follow him on twitter and instagram to be up to date with his latest projects.